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Women's Holiday Gift Guide 2023 (PART TWO) - Boutique Jewelry, Designer Fragrances, and Chic Bags!

Welcome to PART TWO of our Holiday Gift Guide for Her 2023! This gift guide will showcase our best-selling boutique jewelry (think chunky chain necklaces, gorgeous pearl earrings, and bangle bracelets), designer fragrances, chic handbags and purses, fashionable travel bags, and more. We hope you enjoy the second part of our Women's Holiday Gift Guide 2023!

Browse our Women's Holiday Gift Guide 2023 (PART TWO) - Boutique Jewelry, Designer Fragrances, and Chic Bags for gift ideas for her this year! The holidays are just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to stock up on those special gifts for everyone on your list. At Abraham's Boutique, we're sure you'll be able to find something for each person! 

Please note that this is Part Two of our Women's Holiday Gift Guide Series, and this gift guide will feature stunning boutique jewelry, popular designer fragrances, and chic handbags, wallets, and travel bags for her. You can view our other 2023 Women's Holiday Gift Guides here: 

Enjoy the guide and discover what our boutique here in Indianola, Mississippi has to offer! You can shop in-stores if you’re in the area as well for a more personal experience. We wish you and your loved ones a happy holiday season, filled with meaningful connections, happy and priceless memories, and plenty of holiday style!

Boutique Jewelry Gifts - A Beautiful Gesture for Every Gift-Giving Season 

To (pleasantly) surprise your loved ones this holiday season, make beautiful boutique jewelry a part of their collection! We have a wide variety of jewelry designs and styles, from chunky chain necklaces to delicate bangle bracelets, to suit everyone on your list. We feature jewelry from small businesses and boutique brands at Abraham’s, and we hope you’ll love the ones we showcased here in the holiday guide! You can find styles from elegant and timeless to modern and bold in our Women’s Boutique Jewelry Collection.

Large Silver Textured Chain Necklace

Bring out the silver jewelry for this wintery holiday season! The Susan Shaw Large Silver Textured Chain Necklace is your classic chunky chain necklace with a double-link design and a unique textured surface to elevate the style of the necklace. You can extend it with the included 3-inch extender. It’s also lovely to layer with other necklaces and can be paired with the Susan Shaw Large Silver Textured Chain Earrings for a matching boutique jewelry set. 

SoHo Demi Link Bracelet

Make the Julie Vos SoHo Demi Link Bracelet a precious holiday gift and forever treasure for a loved one! This gorgeous chunky chain bracelet features a simple, yet chic, design with golden links, connected with smaller studded chain links, and a classic toggle closure. It’s the perfect everyday jewelry piece to wear to elevate your attire!

Tudor Tennis Necklace

Make the holidays extra glamorous with the stunning Julie Vos Tudor Tennis Necklace! This women’s luxury tennis necklace features golden, lightly hammered links with a tiered/stacked design and a sparkling rose-cut gemstone in the center. A must-have for your collection, and a beautiful gift to give this holiday season!

Colette Gold Bead Bangle

Subtle, sleek, and stylish, the Julie Vos Colette Gold Bead Bangle is a lovely and dainty bracelet that you can wear for any occasion. You can get multiple to stack, or stack with other bracelets or bangles you already have in your collection. This particular bangle has a very slim size and a beaded texture for added design. 

Ivy Statement Earrings 

Elevate any outfit with the versatile and timelessly chic Julie Vos Ivy Statement Earrings! These women’s dangling oval hoop earrings feature an oval-shaped rose-cut gemstone post, giving the earrings more movement and style. The hoops themselves have a finely etched texture for a unique design. A wonderful earring set to wear for any occasion!

Monaco Gold Bangle

Another stackable bangle bracelet that we love! The Julie Vos Monaco Gold Bangle is a slim bangle bracelet with almond-shaped, set-in gemstones along the band. The 24k gold-plated bangle has a lightly hammered textured, accented with twisted braids on either side. A dainty bracelet bangle that makes a charming holiday gift!

Gold Double Chain with Cotton Pearl Bracelet

With a vintage flair and a chic, stylish look, the Susan Shaw Gold Double Chain with Cotton Pearl Bracelet is a chunky gold bracelet for women featuring a double-chain-link design and decorated with a large cotton pearl accent at the toggle closure. We love chunky chain bracelets, and they’re oh-so fashionable and trendy! 

Marbella Statement Necklace

Gift yourself or your loved one with the timelessly sophisticated Julie Vos Marbella Statement Necklace! This women’s pearl necklace features a string of lustrous freshwater pearls and a rectangular, multi-faceted gemstone pendant that is also reversible! The other side of the pendant has an etched floral pattern, so you can swap styles any time of the day. Each freshwater pearl is separated by a dainty gold accent. 

Sheila Fajl Lunaria Hoop Earrings

For the hoop earring lovers in your life, the Sheila Fajl Lunaria Hoop Earrings are bold, statement hoop earrings that make such a beautiful gift! With an edgy and chic style, these women’s large hoop earrings can elevate any look. Handmade in Brazil! 

Savoy Bangle

Make the Julie Vos Savoy Bangle the star of your holiday gifts this holiday season! This women’s bangle bracelet comes in a thicker band compared to other bangle bracelets we have shared in this guide and has a minimalistic, yet chic and stylish, design with a lightly hammered gold band and gold twist accents on either side of the band. 

Jane Rectangle Toggle Necklace

Bring a Southern charm to your holiday gifts with the Susan Shaw Jane Rectangle Toggle Necklace! Named after the “Mother of Texas,” Jane Long, this women’s chunky chain pendant necklace displays a rectangular pendant with a whimsical floral design. The toggle closure on the front makes it easy to secure the necklace effortlessly without having to fiddle with a back clasp. 

Bamboo Ginkgo Pearl Earrings

Add an enchanting look to your attire with the Susan Shaw Bamboo Ginkgo Pearl Earrings! With a chinoiserie flair, these women’s dangling earrings feature ginkgo leaves as the main earring post and bamboo shoots hanging from the leaves, completed with a large cotton pearl. You can also make the Susan Shaw Ginkgo Earrings a holiday gift this season for a boho-chic look - without the dangling pearl or bamboo.

Crescent Hoops

Beautiful gold hoops are a quintessential Christmas gift! The Julie Vos Crescent Hoops are large, golden hoops with a simple, minimalistic design featuring a delicately hammered texture and a crescent shape. We love how these women’s gold hoops are completely versatile and can fit any outfit, for any occasion. 

Simone Gold Bangle

With a nod to beachy, coastal style, the Julie Vos Simone Gold Bangle brings a bright accent to your attire with its golden bangle and large, crystalline gemstones or radiant pearls. This gorgeous bangle bracelet has a lightly textured surface with oval-shaped gemstone accents and miniature pearl balls that surround the gemstones. Easy to stack with other bracelets or bangles or to wear alone! 

Savoy Hoop Earrings

Elegant and chic, the Julie Vos Savoy Hoop Earrings make a great addition to any lady’s collection! These women’s boutique hoop earrings have a sleek, chunky design that’s modern and stylish. The lightly hammered hoops have a braided accent on either side of the earring for added texture and dimension. A fun and fashionable twist on a classic earring style! You can match these hoop earrings with the Julie Vos Savoy Bangle for a complete jewelry set. 

Verona Statement Ring

For the ring-wearing fashionistas in your life, the Julie Vos Verona Statement Ring is the perfect holiday gift! This women’s large statement ring has a sparkling rose-cut gemstone in the center and a wide band, which gives you a vintage-inspired style that’s lovely for everyday wear. 

Barcelona Gold Bracelet

If you want more than a chunky gold chain bracelet, the Julie Vos Barcelona Gold Bracelet gives you that chic and stylish look with an extra flair! This women’s elegant chunky bracelet features large, rose-cut, multi-faceted gemstones, connected with simple gold chain links with a slightly textured surface. The bracelet has an easy toggle closure for an added elegant look and a hassle-free way to secure the bracelet.

Mykonos Gold Bangle

Simple, classic, elegant - everything we love about the Julie Vos Mykonos Gold Bangle! With a Mediterranean flair, this women’s bangle bracelet offers a timeless appeal and features oval-shaped gemstone insets with glittering gems or pearls. You can stack this bangle with other bracelets or bangles we have shared in this guide!

Milano Luxe Medium Bangle

Luxurious, elegant, and chic, the Milano Luxe Medium Bangle is a dainty bangle bracelet with a 24k gold-plated, lightly hammered band decorated with 6 gemstone or pearl stations. This lovely bangle can be stacked or used solo and can be styled with any outfit.

Juliet Pearl Stud Earrings

A set of gorgeous, opulent pearl earrings on Christmas morning? Yes, please! The Julie Vos Juliet Pearl Stud Earrings make the perfect holiday gift to the pearl jewelry lover in your inner circle. These stunning pearl earrings have a classic, vintage-inspired design with a modern twist. The large shell pearls are gently encased in delicate golden petals, studded with sparkling stones. 

Meridian Statement Necklace

Add a charming and elegant finishing touch to your attire with the Julie Vos Meridian Statement Necklace! Feminine and classic, this chunky pendant statement necklace for women features a large reversible round pendant with one side featuring mother of pearl and the other side having a golden compass medallion design. You can mix-and-match this necklace with many outfits or swap mid-day to another side of the pendant to bring a new, fresh style to your look. 

Palladio Link Necklace

With a trendy and minimalistic design, this women’s chunky chain link necklace is the perfect way to complete your casual or formal outfits! It’s also easy to layer with other necklaces from our collection or your own personal stash of jewelry. The chain links interchange between a large oval-shaped chain to a small, classic round-shaped chain, and each chain has a subtle texture on the surface. A must-have for your jewelry collection!

Paris Demi Cuff

Stack on the chic style with the sophisticated and elevated Julie Vos Paris Demi Cuff Bracelet! This women’s hinge bracelet features a unique design with an opening and a hinged closure for easy on-and-off wear. Each end of the bracelet has a large, rounded mother of pearls and has delicate smaller freshwater pearls placed in a clover-like pattern. The ends are detailed with braided twists borders and the shank of the bracelet is lightly hammered for added texture and dimension. You can wear this bracelet by itself or with other stackable bangles! 

Fleur-de-Lis Solitaire Reversible Necklace

Accessorize with the delicate and timeless style of the Julie Vos Fleur-de-Lis Solitaire Reversible Necklace. This women’s dainty gold chain necklace features a small round pendant with reversible sides and a beaded border. One side has a rose-cut gemstone while the other side features a simple gold medallion etched design. Mix and match with any outfit! Even if the necklace pendant accidentally flips over during the day, there’s a beautiful design on the back to keep you looking stylish and put-together every day! 

Fleur-de-Lis Hoop & Charm Reversible Earrings

For a matching boutique jewelry set with the Julie Vos Fleur-de-Lis Solitaire Reversible Necklace, grab a pair of the Julie Vos Fleur-de-Lis Hoop & Charm Reversible Earrings to complete your holiday jewelry gift set! This 3-in-1 earring features a removable and reversible charm, with one gemstone side and one gold medallion side (similar to the necklace pendant previously mentioned). If you want to switch up your look and go for a simple, yet chic, look, you can remove the charm altogether and wear the small beaded hoops instead! 

Catalina Hinge Bangle

Elevate your look with the dazzling Julie Vos Catalina Hinge Bangle! This 24k gold-plated bracelet offers a sleek, polished look accented with a lightly hammered texture and set-in gemstones. A must-have to take your attire to the next level! The hinge closure is also an easy, comfortable way to wear the bracelet or take it off. 

Bee Stud Earrings

Whimsical and charming, the Julie Vos Bee Stud Earrings make a delightful and unique holiday gift! These stud earrings are made with 24k gold-plated material and feature a detailed bee design. 

If you want to make this a whole jewelry set for a holiday gift, we recommend getting the following for a complete matching bee-themed jewelry/accessories set:  


Small Hammered Hoops

Chic and modern, the Julie Vos Small Hammered Hoops are exquisitely designed with a lightly hammered texture and a thicker width compared to traditional hoop earrings. The width gets slimmer toward the end and the design is completed with a small rounded shape. A great everyday jewelry piece to wear! 

Julie Vos Astor Jewelry Set

Planning on giving someone special a full jewelry set? Consider making the Julie Vos Astor Jewelry Set a holiday gift this year: 

Every Woman’s Must-Have Accessories - Handbags, Purses, Wallets, Travel Bags, and More!

From large and spacious tote bags to minimalist, versatile clutch purses, you'll find a wide variety of handbags, travel bags, wallets, and purses at Abraham's boutique! We're featuring our favorites in the guide, but please visit the Women's Purses and Women's Luggage/Travel Bags Collection for more options. Give the gift of a unique boutique or designer bag this holiday season! 

Remi and Reid Paya Woven Clutch

Perfect to pair with evening wear and transition back into daytime, the Remi and Reid Paya Woven Clutch is a chic clutch purse for women with a modern, sophisticated style that’s easy to wear. With a unique woven design, this women’s clutch crossbody purse adds a unique flair to your bag collection. The bag opens up to reveal a zippered compartment that can fit a small wallet, phone, keys, and other small items, such as lip gloss or a compact mirror. An open pocket and zippered pocket are designed in the interior of the bag for more storage and organization space. 

Latico Barcelona Backpack

Made with gorgeous genuine leather material, the Latico Barcelona Backpack is a beautiful gift for the on-the-go person on your holiday list. This handcrafted unisex leather backpack has a charming, rustic design with adjustable, padded shoulder straps and a large front flap with buckle strap closures. Inside the bag, you’ll find a separate pocket for a laptop or tablet and an organizer with multiple credit card slots, pen holders, and a zippered pocket. Carry all you need with this backpack!

Joy Susan Rory Organizer Sling/Belt Bag

For all your travels and everyday adventures, the Joy Susan Rory Organizer Sling/Belt Bag is the perfect companion to help you keep all your valuables and personal items close to you everywhere you go! This women’s convertible sling bag features an adjustable strap that can tighten and shorten to create a fanny-pack-like belt bag for hands-free carrying. The bag itself is extra large and spacious and has a handy zippered organizer pocket on the front with 6 credit card slots and 1 slide billfold pocket. You won’t need an extra wallet for this bag to help lighten your load and give you more space to carry other items inside! 

Liana Crossbody Bag

Travel light and in style with the Joy Susan Liana Crossbody Bag! This women’s compact bag features a classic flap with a strong magnetic snap button closure and a minimalistic style with a main compartment with a zippered pocket and open pocket. Another open pocket is available on the interior, outside of the main compartment. On the back of the bag, you’ll find a large zippered pocket to store your phone and keys for easy access. The strap itself can be adjusted for a shorter shoulder bag. You can also remove the shoulder strap to swap it for another strap for personalized style!


Departure Striped Tote

Make your weekend getaway to the beach or a resort extra special with the Remi and Reid Departure Striped Tote. This women’s large tote bag is constructed with sleek, premium vegan-friendly faux leather material with a classic grainy leather texture. The interior of the bag is spacious and allows you to organize and store anything you wish - it’s even big enough to hold your laptop or several books! Included with this tote bag is a removable insert pouch with a zippered closure, which you can use with the tote bag or separately as a smaller bag (an adjustable shoulder strap is included with the pouch!). The tote bag and pouch have a silkscreen stripe down the middle for a sporty-chic and modern look. A must-have in your bag collection!

Latico Eloise Wallet

Have everything you need while you’re out-and-about in one wallet with the Latico Eloise Wallet! This gorgeous large leather wallet for women doubles as a clutch purse to give you that effortless transition from daytime to evening. This women’s leather wallet has a sleek, minimalistic style on the exterior, but when you open up the wallet, it’s a burst of colors, designs, and functionality! The wallet has a printed fabric lining for a unique contrast and features 8 credit card slots, two main compartments for cash, coins, receipts, etc., and a center zippered pocket that can fit your smartphone easily. It’s an all-in-one place to store all your essentials! 

Janna Crossbody

With a charming Western vibe, the Latico Janna Crossbody Saddlebag Purse for women is both stylish and functional and perfect for your next music festival tour! This women’s leather saddlebag crossbody purse comes in a small-medium size that’s ideal for on-the-go, lightweight carrying and has just enough room inside to store your phone, wallet, keys, and a little bit more. You can even skip taking your wallet and use the interior 5-slot credit card organizer inside the bag! The front flap closure of the bag has a studded edge design, and the bag comes with a removable and adjustable crossbody shoulder strap. 

Piel Leather Double Deluxe Wine Carrier

If you have wine lovers in your family, the Piel Leather Double Deluxe Wine Carrier is a thoughtful and unique holiday gift to give this season! It’s also great for holiday hostesses. This stunning and sophisticated two bottle wine carrier provides more than enough space for two bottles of your best wines to gift. The leather is sleek and durable for long-lasting use! It’s also great to have for boat trips, picnics, camping (or glamping), and more. A magnetic snap button closure with a buckle strap helps keep the wine bottles safe and secure inside the bag. The wine carrier bag strap is adjustable and removable.

*Please note that this is not an insulated wine carrier bag. 

Clear Tanya TopZip Crossbody

Prepare for concerts, sporting events, and more with the proper purse! The Joy Susan Clear Tanya TopZip Crossbody Purse for women is just what you need to get through stadium security smoothly. This clear bag for women is chic and stylish to match your attire and meets most stadium purse requirements/policies. (Please always double-check the stadium(s) you plan to attend before purchasing.)

Sleek and sophisticated, this women’s clear purse has vegan leather lining and side gussets to give you extra space in the bag to store your personal items. This purse is clear on both sides and has a zippered top closure and removable crossbody strap. 

Clear Rita Camera Bag

Like the Joy Susan Tanya Crossbody Bag previously mentioned, the Joy Susan Clear Rita Camera Bag is also a stylish clear bag for women for concerts, sporting events, and more. This clear bag comes in a smaller, more compact size compared to the Clear Tanya TopZip Crossbody and meets most stadium requirements. (Please always double-check the stadium(s) you plan to attend before purchasing.)

The bag can hold a small camera, your phone, wallet, and other essentials for your evening out! It also has a modern and chic vegan leather lining design to give the clear bag a little more personality and style. The crossbody strap is adjustable and can be shortened for a shoulder bag look. Great to have on hand when you’re going to concerts and other events where the stadium or venue requires clear bags - without having to sacrifice your style!

Piel Leather Deluxe Top Frame Traveling Kit

For the traveler on your holiday list, the Piel Leather Deluxe Top Frame Traveling Kit is a lovely gift to give this holiday season! This unisex leather toiletry travel bag provides enough room to take travel-sized containers of hair care, body care, and skincare essentials as well as makeup and other small items. The bag opens up from the top into a wide opening to give you more space to pack and remove items. A front zippered pocket gives you extra room to organize and store items. A must-have for any traveler’s luggage!

Shiloh Sling/Belt Bag

Go around in chic style with the Joy Susan Shiloh Sling/Belt Bag! This convertible and versatile faux leather purse for women can turn into a handy and trendy sling bag or a hands-free belt bag - excellent for traveling! The bag strap is fully adjustable and can be lengthened or shortened to your liking. You can remove the bag strap and slide it through your belt loops to secure the belt to your waist. The interior of the bag is spacious and features a large zippered pocket for more storage and organization. A minimalistic faux leather bag for women for travels and everyday needs!

Urban Expressions Hampshire Weekender Duffel Bag

Available in multiple trendy colors! The Urban Expressions Hampshire Weekender Duffel Bag is just what you need to pack and go to your next weekend getaway. With plenty of space to store your outfits, shoes, and travel essentials, this women’s weekender travel bag is just what you need to keep all your must-haves close to you, even on the plane (please always double-check airline and TSA rules/policies before using this bag as a carry-on). The inside of the bag has 3 spacious slip pockets and 2 large zippered pockets. The bag has sturdy double handle straps and a removable, adjustable canvas shoulder strap for your convenience. 

Departure Perforated Squares Tote

Head to the pool or beach in chic style with the Remi and Reid Departure Perforated Squares Tote Bag for women! This women’s large faux leather tote bag has a unique square-shaped perforated design all over, giving you a little peek of what’s inside and can help make it easier to clear out sand or other debris. The tote bag comes with a removable insert bag that can be used as an organizer or can be used separately as its own crossbody bag when you want to travel light (removable strap included). Unlike the tote bag, the insert has a realistic grainy leather texture for a classic look. 

Cinda B. X-Large Cosmetic Bag

Keep all your skincare and makeup essentials in one stylish bag with the Cinda B. X-Large Cosmetic Bag! Easily organize your cosmetics and skincare items with the spacious interior compartment, or you can use this bag to keep your airplane snacks or toiletries in one place. The bag has a top zipper closure and a snap handle with metal hoop to keep everything in place securely. For all the travelers in your inner circle, this chic and trendy cosmetic bag is just what they need to stay organized while on their trips! 

Lozen Crossbody Phone Case

Swap your large bags and purses for the Remi and Reid Lozen Crossbody Phone Case Bag! When you want to travel light and only carry your most essential of your essentials, then this miniature phone purse is just what you need. This women’s crossbody cell phone purse has a sleek faux leather material that’s trendy and eco-friendly! You can fit not only your smartphone inside, but also a few cards (3 credit card slots in total), like your credit card and ID, a small lip balm or lip gloss, and other small items. The bag has a drawstring closure for a unique flair and comes with a vegan-friendly shoulder/crossbody strap and a shoulder/crossbody chain for an elevated and edgy look. 

Most Wanted Cow Print Cowhide Leather Wallet

Keep it simple and easy to carry around your cards, cash, change, and ID with the Most Wanted Cow Print Cowhide Leather Wallet! This women’s Western-style and boho-chic keychain wallet has a zippered compartment to store your items and has a single card slot on the exterior for your convenience. A sturdy metal keyring is attached on the side to easily attach the wallet to your keys or belt loop. Made with genuine cowhide leather material and with a fun cow spot animal print design! Great to pair with the Joy Susan Clear Tanya TopZip Crossbody or the Clear Rita Camera Bag to keep things minimal. 

Camryn Colorblock Wallet Crossbody

Keep your bag style minimal and chic with the Joy Susan Camryn Colorblock Wallet Crossbody! This women’s wallet and purse hybrid is constructed with faux leather material and features a handy, well-designed organizer with 10 credit card slots, 2 slide billfold pockets, an ID window pocket, and 2 zippered pockets that can fit your phone. With an included removable and adjustable shoulder/crossbody strap and a wristlet strap, you can convert this bag into a crossbody bag, shoulder bag or wristlet clutch bag to make this bag adapt to any occasion or style you prefer. 

Skyler Bag

Make it easy to go about your busy day and keep your essentials organized with the Joy Susan Skyler Sling Bag! This women’s faux leather crossbody sling bag is compact and has the perfect amount of room to store your phone, wallet, and other everyday necessities to make your day go smoother. Featuring two zippered compartments, this bag gives you enough storage space and also has 4 credit card slots so that you can just bring your most important cards and ID without carrying a wallet. The strap is convertible and adjustable and can transform the bag to be a short sling bag or long crossbody bag.

Royal Standard Dockside Tote

If you’re heading to a beach getaway to get away from the cold this winter holiday season, the Royal Standard Dockside Tote Bag is just what you need to stay stylish during your vacation! This women’s oversized tote bag is extra spacious and even has adjustable side gussets to expand the bag even more. For a beachy flair, the shoulder handles of the tote are braided ropes with comfortable handle covers to prevent the straps from digging into your shoulders or hands. The spacious interior allows for towels, clothing, books, and more. 

Cinda B. Curling/Flat Iron Hot Tools Cover

Keep your hair tools secure and organized while you’re traveling with the Cinda B. Curling/Flat Iron Hot Tools Cover! This women’s hot tools bag features a trendy and colorful print and a Velcro closure - perfect as a holiday gift and travel bag! 

Kayleigh Side Pocket Bucket Bag

Give the gift of 2-in-1 with the Joy Susan Kayleigh Side Pocket Bucket Bag! This faux leather shoulder bag set comes with two bags for you to use: One is the main bucket bag where you can store all your larger items, and one is a small insert bag that you can use to organize your main bag or use separately. The shoulder/crossbody strap is adjustable and removable, so you can use it with the insert bag when you want to travel lighter. The bucket bag has side pockets and a back zippered pocket that can be used for your keys, phone, water bottle, and more for easy access. 

Molly Slouchy Hobo Handbag

Another 2-in-1 shoulder bag and crossbody bag set for women that we love! The Joy Susan Molly Slouchy Hobo Handbag features a slouchy hobo bag with a wide, comfortable shoulder strap and a removable insert bag with pockets that can convert into a crossbody bag that you can use separately. An adjustable and detachable crossbody strap is included with the set.

Jess Oversized Carryall Tote

Have a reliable bag you can use to carry everything you need for a weekend getaway or for a regular week with the Joy Susan Jess Oversized Carryall Tote! This women’s extra large faux leather tote bag for women is made with premium vegan-friendly leather material with a crackled texture. With an open pocket and zippered pocket on the outside of the bag, you can easily access your essentials like phone, keys, and cash. Inside the bag, you’ll find three main compartments, including a zippered center pocket for your more valuable items. This women’s tote bag is large enough to hold your tablet or laptop. 

Billie Mini Organizer Crossbody Bag

Busy day, but don’t want to haul around a giant bag? Go for the Joy Susan Billie Mini Organizer Crossbody Bag! This women’s wallet and purse duo offers the convenience and ease of traveling light and carrying around only your essentials for the day. This faux leather 2-in-1 crossbody purse wallet and clutch bag features 11 credit card slots, an ID window pocket, 3 slide billfold pockets, and an interior zippered pouch for coins and other items. The exterior of the bag has an open pocket to store your smartphone for easy access. A removable and adjustable crossbody strap is included, and you can detach it to use the Billie as a clutch bag instead for various occasions/events. 



Sophisticated Signature Fragrances for Your 2024 Scent

Get ready for 2024 with a brand new scent from our Women's Perfume Collection! We feature designer perfumes and a wide range of scent types for you to choose from. You can help someone on your list build their perfume collection or restock on their favorite perfumes and fragrances this holiday season!

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Perfume

A timeless scent that excites the senses and turns heads, the Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Perfume is a must-have in your fragrance collection! With an irresistible blend of sweet berries, bright mandarin, warm gardenia, jasmine, and honeysuckle floral scents, and comforting vanilla, praline, amber, and sandalwood, this perfume is just what you need to give your perfume collection a refresh!

Love Juicy Couture? Try the Juicy Couture Eau de Parfum!

Bond No. 9 Tribeca Eau de Parfum

In honor of Tribeca, NY, Bond No. 9 dedicates this particular vibrant, youthful, and energizing scent to this renowned neighborhood in New York! This is a unisex fragrance with warm, earthy tones with a hint of spice and playful notes, which feature Cacao Absolute, cedarwood, caramel, and green hazelnut.

Dolce & Gabbana The One for Women

Timeless sophistication in a bottle! The Dolce & Gabbana The One (for women) offers both classic and contemporary scents in this gorgeous fragrance. This women’s designer perfume boasts oriental notes like lychee, peach, mandarin, and jasmine, which are all balanced by vanilla, amber, and musk.

We hope you enjoyed our Women’s Holiday Boutique Gift Guides 2023! Please consider browsing our full Women’s Boutique Collection for more inspiration for holiday gifts this season. 

Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones!

~ Abraham’s Boutique


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