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Boutique Jewelry for Easter Sunday 2024

Wondering what to wear for Easter Sunday? Browse our Boutique Jewelry for Easter Sunday 2024 Guide for accessory ideas featuring designer and boutique jewelry pieces that you’ll love having in your collection, even after the Easter weekend! Take a look at our featured boutique jewelry for women in our guide.

In this guide, you’ll find a wide range of designer jewelry in a variety of styles and designs that suit any preference—whether you want to go for a minimalist and chic look or go for something with more design and unique style! We hope you enjoy our Boutique Jewelry for Easter Sunday 2024 Guide this year. Happy Easter from our family to yours!

Tudor Tennis Necklace

Style your Easter Sunday outfit with the gorgeous and vintage-inspired Julie Vos Tudor Tennis Necklace! This classic tennis necklace has a round-neck design that features golden, oval-shaped links with a rose-cut gemstone in the center of each station. Each link is lightly hammered and has a tiered design for added dimension. A must-have in your jewelry collection!

Astor 6-in-1 Charm Earring

Get 6-in-1 earring styles that are simple, elegant, and fashionable with the Julie Vos Astor 6-in-1 Charm Earring! These women’s small dangle earrings give you six different ways to wear them and have reversible and removable charms. 

Here are the 6 ways you can wear the earrings: 

  1. Add both the gemstone charm and the large gold hoop to the small hoop. 
  2. Remove the large gold hoop, and only use the gemstone charm with the small hoop.
  3. Remove the charm, and only use the large gold hoop with the small hoop.
  4. Remove both the charm and large gold hoop, and only use the small hoop earring for a delicate look.
  5. Flip the gemstone charm to reveal the engraved medallion coin charm and wear it solo with the small hoop.
  6. Wear the medallion coin charm with the large gold hoop - both on the small hoop.

You can find matching jewelry pieces from the Julie Vos Astor Collection

Coin Revolving Ring

Accessorize with an elegant accessory this Easter Sunday! The Julie Vos Coin Revolving Ring is a vintage-inspired, reversible ring that features two different sides: one side has a mother-of-pearl inset and the other side has a medallion coin design with a knight engraving. You can easily transition from day to evening, or morning to brunch, with this ring! A great addition to your jewelry collection.

Havana Demi Bangle

Minimal, yet elegant and stylish, the Julie Vos Havana Demi Bangle is a lightly hammered bangle bracelet that’s easy to wear and can be stacked or paired with different bangles and bracelets. The simple and versatile style of the Havana Demi Bangle makes it effortless to style with any Easter Sunday outfit and transition from one event to another. The interior of the bangle has an intricately designed diamond pattern for a unique touch. 

Juliet Pearl Stud Earrings

Pearls are such a trend for Easter Sunday and other special occasions, and we couldn’t go on with our guide without mentioning one of our best pearl pieces: the Julie Vos Juliet Pearl Stud Earrings. Timelessly graceful and sophisticated, these women’s pearl studs feature shell pearls encased in delicate gold petals, which are decorated with glittering CZ stones. 

Gold Queen Elizabeth Coin Scalloped Pendant on Chain Necklace

From the Susan Shaw official website: "In memory of the great Queen Elizabeth II. Her majesty lived a life of service, putting country and duty before self for 70 years. We recognize her strength, grace, wit, and faith."

Handmade in San Antonio, TX, the Susan Shaw Handcast Gold Queen Elizabeth Coin Scalloped Pendant on Chain Necklace is a vintage-inspired chunky gold chain necklace with a coin pendant featuring a Queen Elizabeth II engraving. A timeless jewelry piece that is sure to elevate your wardrobe! 

Another Queen Elizabeth Gold Coin Necklace here: Susan Shaw Handcast Queen Elizabeth Coin Necklace

Susan Shaw Handcast Gold Scalloped Clover Dotted Earrings 

With a vintage appeal and an elegant style, the Susan Shaw Handcast Gold Scalloped Clover Dotted Earrings is a gorgeous set of dangle earrings that offers a sophisticated look that’s perfect for Easter Sunday! These women’s boutique dangle earrings have a classic and feminine clover/scallop shape with a dotted texture for added design and dimension. Made with 24K gold-plated design, this sleek and decorative earring is just the right amount of fancy and classy and can be worn dressed up or down!

Catalina X Stud

Enjoy simple, stylish, and timeless jewelry with the Julie Vos Catalina X Stud Earrings! These women’s golden stud earrings feature a crisscross design with the overlapping band having a lightly hammered design with a sleek and smooth band underneath. It’s a versatile and minimalist jewelry piece that can be a lovely addition to your Easter Sunday lookand for your everyday outfits, too! 

Milano Luxe Medium Bangle

Dainty with a charming and elegant flair, the Julie Vos Milano Luxe Medium Bangle has a slim band with a lightly hammered texture and 6 gemstone or pearl stations for an extravagant design. You can stack or pair this designer bangle bracelet with other bangles or bracelets. 

Large Silver Textured Chain Necklace

Go for a classic chunky chain necklace with the Susan Shaw Large Silver Textured Chain Necklace! This large chain necklace sits close to the collar and features double-layered links that are textured on the surface for added dimension and design. With this silvery necklace, you help elevate and complete your Easter Sunday attire with timeless design. 

Savoy Bangle

Elegant and chic, the Julie Vos Savoy Bangle is one of our favorite women’s designer bracelet styles in our featured collection. This bangle bracelet has a wider/thicker band that’s lightly hammered and accented with twists on either side, giving the bracelet a more attractive and eye-catching design. This is a traditional bangle bracelet that slips on and off easily and can be worn with other bangles or bracelets. 

Round Criss-Cross Earrings

If you love hoop earrings or dangle earrings, go for the Susan Shaw Round Criss-Cross Earrings this Easter! These women’s gold dangle hoop earrings are handmade in San Antonio, TX, and feature a lattice design within the hoops, giving the earrings a high-fashion and unique look that’s sure to impress.

Gingko Leaf Toggle Necklace

With a whimsical flair, the Susan Shaw Gingko Leaf Toggle Necklace adds a lovely and charming accent to your outfit! This women’s pendant necklace has a mid-sized gold-plated chain with an intricately detailed and realistic gingko leaf pendant, which gives this necklace a vintage, chinoiserie appeal. Pair with the Susan Shaw 24KT Gold Plated Gingko Leaf and Freshwater Pearl Earrings for a matching set!

Astor Demi Cuff

Another from the Julie Vos Astor Collection we know you’ll love! The Julie Vos Astor Demi Cuff is a stunning statement hinge bracelet for women with dual-ended rose-cut gemstones, embellished with floral engraving and miniature gemstones on the sides. With a light, yet substantial, weight to it, this women’s gold-plated bracelet bangle features a lightly hammered surface that catches the light at different angles, glimmering endlessly. The shank of the bracelet is thicker, which makes it the perfect statement jewelry piece for any special occasion.

Check out other pieces from the Julie Vos Astor collection: 

Catalina Gold Gem Earrings

Timeless and sophisticated, the Julie Vos Catalina Gold Gem Earrings offers a simple and modern style that’s easy to wear for Easter brunch! These women’s stud earrings feature a square-shaped, lightly hammered, gold-plated post and a second square with a rose-cut glass gemstone for a unique design and elevated look.

Marbella Statement Necklace

Inspired by Spain’s Costa del Sol, the Julie Vos Marbella Statement Necklace is a radiant freshwater pearl necklace with a statement gemstone pendant that’s large and has a classic, vintage-inspired design. The pendant itself is reversible and has a floral engraving on the back, so you can wear the necklace either way as you move through your Easter Sunday celebrations and events!

Ivy Medium Hoop Earrings

Easy to wear for more casual events or formal occasions, the Julie Vos Ivy Medium Hoop Earrings are one of our favorite new additions to our boutique jewelry collection! These women’s gold hoop earrings have a versatile, yet timelessly chic and stylish design and dangle beautifully in an elegant way. The oval-shape adds a unique flair to these earrings and gives you an alternative to traditional round hoop earrings. The hoop has a mid-sized thickness to create a statement feel and features an etched texture. 

Savoy Hoop Earrings

Designed to be small and quaint with a more modern, thicker band, the Julie Vos Savoy Hoop Earrings are ultra-chic golden hoops that will level up your Easter Sunday attire! This women’s designer hoop earring set has an open back for easy off-and-on wear. 

Meridian Statement Necklace

Give your Easter Sunday look a vintage vibe with the Julie Vos Meridian Statement Necklace! This women’s statement pendant necklace features a close-collar, chunky gold-plated chain with a toggle closure, featuring an etched texture. The pendant itself is a medallion/compass style design with reversible sides to transition from day to night or outfit to outfit. One side of the round pendant boasts a brilliant mother-of-pearl inset and the other side has a detailed compass engraving. 

Barcelona Gold Bracelet

Brighten up your Easter Sunday outfit with a luxurious jewelry piece like the Julie Vos Barcelona Gold Bracelet! Inspired by the stunning city of Barcelona, rich in culture, history, and beauty, this women’s designer gold-plated chain bracelet features large rose-cut gemstones and a toggle closure for a bold, lively jewelry piece. This particular bracelet is available in Bahamian Blue, representing the beaches of Barcelona and the turquoise waters that surround this gorgeous city.

Avalon Hinge Bangle

Take your Easter outfit to the next level with a subtle, yet stylish, jewelry piece like the Julie Vos Avalon Hinge Bangle! This women’s gold-plated bangle bracelet features a shank that has been lightly hammered texture—a signature style of Julie Vos jewelry—and six tear-drop-shaped gemstone stations to elevate the bangle and give it a more glamorous, elevated design. Great to stack with more bangles or pair with bracelets already in your collection.

Hammered Bee Hoops (Medium)

Perfect for the springtime, the Julie Vos Hammered Bee Hoops (Medium) are fun and light gold-plated hoop earrings for women with a charming bee at the center of the hoop (front), giving these classic large hoop earrings a one-of-a-kind design that’s subtle. These hoops still have a sleek and stylish design that works with any Easter outfit, but can also add a playful element in your Easter Sunday look.

Savannah Stone Bangle

Refined with a cosmopolitan-chic appeal, the Julie Vos Savannah Stone Bangle is a stackable bangle bracelet that works on its own or can be elevated with other bangles or bracelets! This women’s gemstone/pearl bangle bracelet offers a sleek, lightly hammered gold band with diamond-patterned stations that house miniature-sized gemstones or pearls for an eye-catching style.

Fleur-de-Lis Solitaire Reversible Necklace

If you prefer a dainty necklace option for your Easter Sunday jewelry, we highly recommend the best-selling Julie Vos Fleur-de-Lis Solitaire Reversible Necklace! It’s perfectly subtle, modest, and feminine, and this necklace has a refined glamor that brings your outfit together seamlessly. The necklace has a small round pendant that’s reversible and features one gemstone side and one fleur-de-lis intaglio coin side. The chain itself is dainty and light for graceful wear. 

Squiggle Cotton Pearl Earrings

Enjoy classic pearl drop earrings with your Easter Sunday look! The Susan Shaw Squiggle Cotton Pearl Earrings are classy dangling earrings with an elongated golden swirl design and a cotton pearl accent at the end. These pearl drop earrings have a slightly textured style for added dimension and design, catching the light at various angles. 

Palladio Link Necklace

Simple and chic, the Julie Vos Palladio Link Necklace is a 24k gold-plated necklace with a minimal chain design, featuring larger oval-shaped chains connected to smaller circular ones. If you want to keep your jewelry bare minimum on Easter Sunday, but still want to complete your outfit with the perfect finishing touches, this is the necklace for you! Classy and effortless.

Clara Gold Stud Earrings

Go for a subtle and chic look with the Julie Vos Clara Gold Stud Earrings! This women’s stud gemstone earrings have a unique design with a rectangular station that holds a rose-cut gemstone and is accented with miniature CZ stones on each side of the rectangle. Charming and lovely to have in your collection! 

We hope you found inspiration from our Boutique Jewelry Guide! You can explore more designer jewelry styles in our entire Women’s Boutique Jewelry Collection. If you’re looking for Easter outfit ideas, please also consider browsing our Women’s Boutique Clothing Collection.

Happy Easter!  

~ Abraham’s


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