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Chic Summer Jewelry Trends 2024 - Boutique Jewelry Guide

Dazzle and shine this summer season with gorgeous luxury designer jewelry pieces from our boutique! Boutique jewelry offers a one-of-a-kind style that gives your outfit a unique finishing touch. From delicate necklaces to bold statement earrings, boutique jewelry comes in a wide range of designs and style preferences to serve your summer wardrobe needs.

For example, you can wear a chunky chain necklace with a summer blouse and dress pants for work, which can transition into an evening event with friends. A bangle bracelet would be perfect for a button-down dress shirt or summer blouse and add a little pizazz to your overall look. We focus on both sophisticated, graceful jewelry designs as well as statement pieces that are daring and out-of-the-box. We hope you enjoy our Chic Summer Jewelry Trends 2024 Boutique Jewelry Guide!

In this guide, we also share other summer accessories we believe you’ll love to have in your collection, including tote bags, handbags, home & lifestyle items, and more. We’re showcasing our favorite summer shoe styles as well! 

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We feature a selection of stylish, trendy pieces that you can wear this summer, and we cover a large variety of elevated boutique clothing pieces you’ll love having in your summer wardrobe. Happy stylin’!

Women's Summer Boutique Jewelry Trends for 2024: A Focus on Gemstones like Aquamarine and Turquoise and Simple, Elegant Basics that Elevate Your Summer Look!

The Helene Jewelry Collection: Stacking Bracelet, Inlay Delicate Necklace, and Hoops

Make the Julie Vos Helene pieces a part of your jewelry box! We’re currently featuring a few of the jewelry from the Helene Collection: the Julie Vos Helene Stacking Bracelet, the Julie Vos Helene Inlay Delicate Necklace, and the Julie Vos Helene Hoops. Each piece holds the signature airy Helene design for a consistent look that’s chic, timeless, and elegant.

The Stacking Bracelet is a simple, versatile bangle bracelet with a sleek golden band and the Helene filigree pattern. You can stack multiple of these bracelets together, or you can pair it with other bracelets and bangles from your collection to show off your one-of-a-kind style!

The Inlay Delicate Necklace makes a beautiful everyday piece that you can wear and features an ogee-shaped pendant with a mother-of-pearl setting that dangles from a delicate rolo necklace chain.

Top it all off with the Helene Hoops! Boasting a simple, sophisticated hoop look, these women’s gold medium-sized hoops have the classic Helene filigree pattern, giving the hoops a light and airy style.

Julie Vos Aquitaine Duo Stud Earrings

Bring a summer sparkle to your attire with the stunning Julie Vos Aquitaine Duo Stud Earrings! These women’s two-tiered stud earrings feature a multi-faceted, square-shaped frosty gemstone post, accented with a glimmering triangular gemstone at the base, giving this earring plenty of unique design and dimension. A must-have in your collection, these women’s luxury 24k gold-plated studs help elevate any summer outfit instantly and are versatile enough to take with you anywhere you go! 


Nassau Stone Hinge Bangle

Get the perfect statement bangle bracelet to accessorize your summer outfits with the Julie Vos Nassau Stone Hinge Bangle! This women’s designer bangle bracelet offers elegant style with its 24k gold-plated design, intricate rope detailing, and oval-shaped gemstone inlays that help brighten up the bracelet and give it more summertime character. The interior of the bracelet has a leafy piercework pattern for added design and offers more breathability while wearing the bracelet. Great to pair with the following, Nassau Solitaire Necklace! 


Nassau Solitaire Necklace

On a delicate 24k gold-plated chain, the Julie Vos Nassau Solitaire Necklace features a gorgeous oval-shaped pendant, giving this necklace a timeless and elegant look that can match with your chic summer outfits. This women’s delicate chain pendant necklace has an adjustable chain and the gemstone pendant comes in different colors to mix-and-match with your summer wardrobe. Available in multiple gemstone colors.

Malta Theodore Hoop & Charm Earrings

Enjoy vintage-inspired elegance and style with the Julie Vos Malta Theodore Hoop & Charm Earrings! Beautifully designed with delicate details, these women’s charm earrings feature a removable charm featuring a classic quadrate cross with a rounded gemstone center and twisted golden wires along the edges of the cross and around the gemstone. You can remove this charm, which leaves you with a delicate small hoop earring that you can wear as an everyday piece. Versatile and stylish!


Sheila Fajl Everybody's Favorite Small Hoops

Summertime is the perfect time to don your favorite hoop earrings - and add more to your collection! Make the Sheila Fajl Small Everybody's Favorite Hoops a staple in your jewelry box this summer season. These statement hoop earrings are the smaller version of the original Sheila Fajl Everybody’s Favorite Hoops, giving you just enough style statement and chic design for your summer look. Available in gold and silver colors. 


Cannes Demi Bracelet

Bring a bold statement piece to your collection with the stunning Julie Vos Cannes Demi Bracelet! This women’s golden chunky link bracelet offers a versatile look that can go with casual daytime styles to formal evening wear. Designed with large chain links, this women’s bracelet features a minimalistic design with a lightly hammered look to catch the light at different angles. Delicate braids border each link for added design and dimension. A toggle clasp secures the bracelet in place without the hassle of a clip.

If you love the Cannes Demi Bracelet, check out the Cannes Statement Hinge Bangle and add it to your collection for a bold look!

Susan Shaw Aqua Quartz Earrings

Aqua and turquoise are classic summer colors, and the Susan Shaw Aqua Quartz Earrings are just what you need to bring more summer style and design to your summer look! These women’s drop gemstone earrings feature rectangular shaped aqua quartz gemstones for a unique and beachy vibe and are accented with golden crown beads on the top. Lightweight and easy to wear, these earrings offer all-day comfort and style without tugging or pulling at your lobe. A great addition to your collection! 


Milly Tier Earrings

Handmade in San Antonio, TX, the Susan Shaw Milly Tier Earrings are charming dangle earrings for women with a tiered design featuring crystal beads and decorative gold beads. Dainty and delicate, these women’s earrings help elevate your summer look with an elegant, classic, and feminine design. Available in multiple crystal colors. 


Fleur-de-Lis Solitaire Reversible Necklace

If you’re looking for a subtle, yet stunning necklace, to match with your summer blouse or dress, the Julie Vos Fleur-de-Lis Solitaire Reversible Necklace is perfect when you want to complete your summer ensemble. This women’s luxury delicate chain pendant necklace features a thin 24k gold-plated necklace chain with a small circular pendant with a gemstone embedded in it for a hint of sparkle and glimmer. The unique and functional part of this necklace is that it’s completely reversible, and the pendant has two sides with different designs! The other side of the design is an engraved fleur-de-lis medallion coin. A beautiful piece to have in your collection! 


Clara Gold Stud Earrings

Having a pair of stud earrings on hand is an excellent and convenient way to complete your outfit for any unexpected appointments, events, and more. We love stud earrings, and we feature quite a few of them in our boutique! One of our favorites is Julie Vos Clara Gold Stud Earrings, which boasts a modern-chic design with a lovely rectangular gemstone (multi-faceted cut) post decorated with tiny golden beads with CZ stones. These are perfect for throw-on-and-go style! Make it a reliable, go-to piece for everyday wear. Available in various colors. 

Medium Milano Bangle

Available in multiple gemstone colors and even available in pearl, the Julie Vos Medium Milano Bangle is a go-to bangle bracelet that offers an easy, stylish way to bring your summer outfit to the next level. This slim 24k gold-plated bangle bracelet has a lightly hammered band and six gemstone stations, featuring a multi-faceted gemstone or pearl. This designer bangle makes it very simple to stack with other bangles or bracelets to create your own unique personal style. 

Ivy Stone Bangle in Iridescent Rose 

Complete your chic style with the gorgeous Julie Vos Ivy Stone Bangle! In a lovely Iridescent Rose color, this women’s slim gold bangle bracelet features oval-shaped rose-cut gemstones along the hand-etched band for a classic and elegant design that can mix-and-match with any of your outfits — casual or formal! Pair with the Julie Vos Clementine Earrings and the Clementine Bracelet for a matching jewelry set!


Sheila Fajl Lunaria Hoop Earrings

If you’re feeling extra bold with your hoop style this summer, we highly recommend adding the Sheila Fajl Lunaria Hoop Earrings to your collection! This women’s sleek and oversized golden hoop earrings are perfect with a pulled-back ponytail or long waves for a more beachy, laid-back look. Handmade in Brazil, these women’s artisan-made hoops make a great statement piece that goes well with a summer dress or outfit. 

Julie Vos Meridian Statement Necklace

Make the perfect summer style statement with the gorgeous Julie Vos Meridian Statement Necklace! This women’s chunky pendant necklace features a one-of-a-kind reversible round pendant, featuring a mother-of-pearl inlay on one side and a golden etched compass design on the other side. The reversible pendant allows you to switch up your style throughout the day or for any occasion to match your look! The chunky chain is closer to the neck and has a toggle closure.


Mykonos Medium Hoops

Go for a Mediterranean-inspired style this summer with the Julie Vos Mykonos Medium Hoops! Each hoop has sparkling oval-shaped gemstones embedded within it, creating a lovely ring of shimmering gems that the summer sun rays can hit at different angles to capture the light. A beautiful earring piece to add to your collection! Available in different crystal colors and pearl. 


Turquoise Pendant Necklace

For a classic summer jewelry piece, go for the Susan Shaw Turquoise Pendant! This statement pendant necklace features a gold chunky chain with a pear-shaped pendant with a turquoise stone embedded inside the gold-rimmed pendant. It’s a timeless and elegant piece to wear with your favorite summer blouses or dresses! 


Havana Large Hoop Earrings

Sleek, elegant, and modern, the Julie Vos Havana Large Hoop Earrings feature a rounded hoop earring style with the Julie Vos signature lightly hammered texture, giving these classic hoops extra dimension and design. Made from premium 24k gold-plated material. 


Catalina X Stud

If you prefer everyday earrings without gemstones or pearls, and want something more simple and basic, yet chic and stylish, make the Julie Vos Catalina X Stud Earrings a staple in your jewelry collection! These women’s 24k gold-plated studs have a unique X-shape design with different textures (one smooth, one lightly hammered) for a subtle contrast that adds more character and personality to these studs. A great option for Valentine’s Day, too! (XOXO)

Burnished Double Rectangle Dangle Earrings

Bring bold style to your summer outfit with the Sheila Fajl Burnished Double Rectangle Dangle Earrings! These women’s lightweight statement dangle earrings come in a classic geometric design that’s modern, chic, and stylish. The double stacked style adds more drama and design to the earrings, featuring a smaller rectangle on the top and a larger one on the bottom. 


Savoy Bangle

Jazz up your summer outfit with the Julie Vos Savoy Bangle! This women’s stackable bangle bracelet comes in a classic, simple style with delicate braided borders and a thicker band compared to other bangles, lightly hammered for added texture and style. Versatile and easy to wear, this women’s gold designer bangle bracelet makes an excellent foundational bracelet that you can mix and match with other bangles or bracelets that you have in your collection. It’s also a lovely stand-alone bracelet that can give the perfect finishing touch to your summer look!

Twisted Oval Hoops

Sleek, chic, and elegant, the Sheila Fajl Twisted Oval Hoops gives you a lovely and fashion-forward alternative to traditional hoop earrings. These golden oval-shaped hoops dangle from a simple post, enhancing the movement and design of these hoops and catching the light at different angles that traditional hoops cannot. These artisan-made earrings are handmade in Brazil.

Other Summer Accessories You'll Love Having In Your Collection! 

Joy Susan Clear Tanya TopZip Crossbody

If you’re heading to music festivals throughout the summer or enjoying going to more sporting events or other shows, then grab the Joy Susan Clear Tanya TopZip Crossbody and make it a part of your summer style collection! This women’s crossbody bag has a clear/transparent design and comes in the standard size for stadiums/venues that require you to carry a clear bag. The bag has a single large compartment to store your essentials for the day or evening and has a faux leather trim all around for an added chic style. The straps are adjustable for your convenience and comfort. 

Echo Statement Border Sunhat

Complete your summer look, block out the sun’s strong ways, and look fashionable while doing it all with the Echo Statement Border Sunhat! This women’s floppy wide-brimmed straw hat has a chic and stylish look, lined with bold summery colors for a unique design that pops. Lovely to wear on a cruise, at the beach or by the pool! Available in multiple colors to match your summer look. 

Royal Standard Canaveral Stripe Tote

Get ready for all your summer vacations and getaways and have a tote bag you can carry around easily and stylishly with the Royal Standard Canaveral Stripe Tote! This women’s oversized tote canvas tote bag is made with pure cotton material and features a classic, nautical striped pattern and braided rope handles. It’s the perfect beach or boat bag that you can take with you to carry all your essentials! The inside of the bag has a spacious compartment that allows you to put towels, shoes, clothing, and more inside, and includes a small hanging pocket to store smaller items. 

Bahama Stripe Beach Towel

The Royal Standard Bahama Stripe Beach Towel gives you the comfort you need to lounge at the pool or the beach in style! This women’s Turkish-style beach towel features a trendy striped pattern with knotted tassels on the ends for added design. Great to use as a cover for your pool chair or even as home décor! Available in a variety of colors to fit your preferences. 

Dolce Vita Indy Sandals

Slip into chic style with the trend-setting Dolce Vita Indy Sandals! These women’s flat, slide-on sandals feature a double-strap design with a woven/braided look to create more dimension and unique texture to the sandals, giving them more eye-catching details. A small 0.6” heel provides a hint of height while also offering more stability. A great addition to your summer wardrobe for easy slip-on shoes for any occasion! 

Pelle Moda Barber Metallic Suede Thong Sandal

Bring a little shimmer to your summer look with the Pelle Moda Barber Metallic Suede Thong Sandal! These women’s designer metallic suede leather sandals boast a strappy design with each strap decorated with glittering rhinestones, elevating the sandals and giving you more glamorous footwear. Perfect to wear on a summer vacation trip or to take your summer dress to the next level, these women’s metallic sandals also have a thong toe, which help secure your foot in place. 

OTBT Cameo Platform Sandals

Make walking around this summer a breeze with the OTBT Cameo Platform Sandals as your staple footwear! When you want to skip the tennis shoes, but still have comfort and support while you’re walking around town or exploring a new place, these women’s leather flatform sandals offer easy slip-on wear, a chunky and supportive platform sole, and wide, durable straps that secure your foot in place. One strap is Velcro and the other has a buckle closure with an adjustable strap. An excellent summer shoe option that’s trendy and functional! 

Naked Feet Iconoclast Ankle Strap Sandal

Achieve that effortlessly chic look and complete your summer outfit with the Naked Feet Iconoclast Ankle Strap Sandal! This women’s trendy chunky sandal has a wide front strap and an ankle strap with a buckle closure for a sleek design and to provide more security and support. The chunky heel gives you extra height and the perfect statement piece to go with your summer maxi dress. Transition easily from day to evening with these gorgeous heeled sandals!

Dolce Vita Perris Sandals

Elevate your summer wardrobe with the Dolce Vita Perris Sandals! This women’s designer leather sandal features a wide band decorated with a buckle across the foot with slim toe straps that wrap around the front of the foot. The embossed detailing and design offer a more elegant look compared to more casual sandals, which you can wear for various events. For extra support, the heel has a higher height compared to the rest of the sandal. A fashionable option for summer shoes! 

Joy Susan Aria Ring Crossbody Clutch

For your summer soirees or evening events, the Joy Susan Aria Ring Crossbody Clutch is just what you need to carry your essentials and look extra stylish! This women’s clutch + crossbody bag is a versatile hybrid purse that can transition from day to evening with ease. You can attach the included crossbody strap to the purse and adjust it to your liking, or you can carry the clutch by the ring adornment attached to the front of the clutch bag. Inside the bag, you’ll discover a patterned fabric lining, creating a lovely contrast with the faux leather exterior, and multiple compartments to hold your phone, keys, cash, cards, and more. This clutch bag eliminates the need for a wallet due to its clever wallet-like construction. 

Latico Janna Crossbody

Perfect to take with you to your next summer music festival or summer trips, the Latico Janna Crossbody is a genuine leather U-shaped saddlebag crossbody purse with an adjustable, removable strap and a studded design. This women’s leather bag opens up from a magnetic button flap cover, revealing an interior with 5-card slot organizer and just enough room to hold your phone, keys, and a small/slim wallet or coin purse. A great addition to your summer bag collection when you want to enjoy a simple and stylish bag that’s light and minimal.

Remi and Reid Departure Striped Tote

Go on your next summer cruise or getaway vacation in style with the Remi and Reid Departure Striped Tote! This women’s 2-in-1 tote bag features a chic, athleisure style with a sporty striped design and comes with a main large tote with a removable insert bag inside. You can use the insert bag separately and attach the included crossbody strap to it for a smaller bag option - great for traveling and on-the-go moves! Both bags are made with high-quality faux, vegan-friendly leather material. 

Latico Barcelona Backpack

If you’re heading on a backpacking trip or traveling this summer and need a sturdy bag to carry your daily essentials, we recommend making the Latico Barcelona Backpack a staple in your travel gear collection! This unisex leather backpack bag boasts comfortable, cushioned shoulder straps (100% adjustable) and has a buckle flap cover to conceal the zippered main compartment. The interior of the backpack has plenty of space to store your laptop, tablet, water bottle, and other larger items (such as books) and makes it easier to carry your necessities with you everywhere you go. A separate tabbed pocket is designed in the bag to keep your laptop or tablet safe. The backpack also has an interior zippered pocket and organizer with pen and card slots for your convenience. Under the flap, you’ll find two additional zippered pockets for more storage space.

Cocoon House Frida Silk Infinity Poncho

Layer your summer look with the Cocoon House Frida Silk Infinity Pouch! This ultra-light, versatile, and pure silk poncho wrap for women features hand-painted designs and prints for a unique, eye-catching style. This silk poncho wrap helps elevate basic outfits and can be layered with a summer dress for a special event. 

We hope you enjoyed our Chic Summer Jewelry Trends 2024 and Other Summer Accessories and Shoes You’ll Love Guide! We enjoy sharing these articles with our customers to help you discover the best summer styles and trends for your wardrobe. 

Please make sure to check out our main Summer Style Guide 2024 for summer dresses, blouses, and more. 

~ Abraham’s


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