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PART THREE: Best Boutique Jewelry, Shoes, and Handbag Guide for Women - Spring 2024

To follow up with our Women’s Boutique Fashion Guide 2024 Part One and Part Two, where we featured spring boutique styles, we wanted to share our best designer bags, spring shoes, and boutique jewelry pieces that we think would complement your spring attire this season. This guide will be your go-to when you need to refresh your spring wardrobe or accessory collection and add more chic, elegant or bold/edgy style to your look. From classic shoes to glamorous necklaces and elevated earrings, we have a wide range of women’s accessory styles that are sure to take your spring wardrobe up a notch and make the perfect fashion statements!

Be sure to check out Part One and Part Two of our Women's Spring Boutique Fashion Guide 2024: 

Dress Up Your Spring Look with Women’s Boutique Jewelry: Necklaces, Earrings, and Bracelets!

We always have a stunning collection of boutique and designer jewelry pieces that will help take your spring outfit to the next level. In this guide, we’re sharing our favorite pieces for Spring 2024 that you can wear to elevate your spring wardrobe. We have versatile, chic, and stylish necklaces, earrings, and bracelets that you can wear for daytime or everyday accessorizing or for more formal occasions during the spring season. We hope you love the featured boutique jewelry we have in this guide! Don’t forget to see our full Boutique Jewelry Collection for more options for spring or for year-round wear.

Tudor Tennis Necklace

Complete your spring look for a special occasion with the gorgeous Julie Vos Tudor Tennis Necklace! With a vintage appeal and a glamorous look, this women’s tennis necklace features a rose-cut gemstone in the center of each tiered link. The links have Julie Vos’s signature lightly hammered design for added texture and dimension, helping the necklace catch the light at infinite angles for a beautiful touch. 

Ivy Medium Hoop Earrings

Elevate your spring look with the lovely and versatile Julie Vos Ivy Medium Hoop Earrings! These women’s oval-shaped golden hoop earrings offer an alternative to classic circular hoop earrings and provide an elegant design that matches with both casual and more formal attire. The earrings have an etched texture to add more depth and design to the earrings as well as help catch more light at different angles, giving these dangle hoop earrings a more captivating style. 

Astor 6-in-1 Charm Earring

Enjoy 6 different styles with the Julie Vos Astor 6-in-1 Charm Earring! This women’s small dangle earrings set comes with a removable gemstone charm and a removable golden hoop that you can mix-and-match with the main small hoop. The earring provides you with an easy way to transition from any event throughout the day and allows you to move from day to night without having to replace your earrings. 

Here are the 6 ways you can interchangeably wear the Astor 6-in-1 Charm Earring: 

  1. Add both the gemstone charm and the large gold hoop to the small hoop. 
  2. Remove the large gold hoop, and only use the gemstone charm with the small hoop.
  3. Remove the charm, and only use the large gold hoop with the small hoop.
  4. Remove both the charm and large gold hoop, and only use the small hoop earring for a delicate look.
  5. Flip the gemstone charm to reveal the engraved medallion coin charm and wear it solo with the small hoop.
  6. Wear the medallion coin charm with the large gold hoop - both on the small hoop.

Havana Medium Hoop Earrings

Here are your go-to golden hoop earrings for any occasion! The Julie Vos Havana Medium Hoop Earrings come in a classic open hoop design with a lightly hammered surface to bring a unique touch to these timeless hoops. This earring set comes in the size Medium, but you can also find them currently in size Large (size Small has sold out). If you would like to have a matching jewelry set, you can build your Julie Vos Havana Collection with the Havana Demi Bangle and Havana Bangle!

Milano Luxe Medium Bangle

Make the Julie Vos Milano Luxe Medium Bangle a staple in your jewelry collection for a dainty, elegant, and versatile bracelet you can wear with any outfit! This women’s designer bracelet bangle has a slim band with a lightly hammered texture and 6 gemstone stations with mother of pearls or gemstones. You can mix-and-match with other bangles and bracelets in our boutique!

Mykonos Medium Hoops

Go for a coastal style inspired by the Greece coastlines and beach towns with the enchanting Julie Vos Mykonos Medium Hoops! These women’s Mediterranean-inspired golden hoops feature oval-shaped inlays with gemstones or pearls embedded inside each for a stunning and uniquely designed earring that you can wear for any occasion—perfect to wear with a maxi dress, a jumpsuit or any spring outfit! The golden hoops have a lightly textured surface that is signature to Julie Vos, giving it a wonderful depth in style and appeal. Pair with the Mykonos Gold Bangle for a matching jewelry set!

Simone Gold Bangle

Stack on the chic style with the Julie Vos Simone Gold Bangle! This women’s stackable bangle bracelet features a slim, dainty gold band with large statement gemstone settings with rose-cut, multi-faceted gemstones accented with miniature freshwater pearls on the sides. The band is lightly etched for added dimension and design and can be worn with other bracelets or bangles. 

Avalon Hinge Bangle

Classic and traditional, the Julie Vos Avalon Hinge Bangle offers a chic and timeless style that is lovely to wear with your spring outfits. This women’s hinge bangle bracelet is delicately made with a lightly hammered surface and six teardrop gemstone settings to add color and glimmer to this gorgeous bangle bracelet.

Sheila Fajl Anna Earrings

Bring bold statement style to your accessory collection with the Sheila Fajl Anna Earrings! Handmade in Brazil, these women’s dangle hoop earrings feature a small hoop as the post and a large hoop hanging from the smaller hoop, giving these earrings a dynamic and modern style that can mix-and-match with any of your spring outfits. 

Burnished Double Rectangle Dangle Earrings

Jazz up your spring outfit with the Sheila Fajl Burnished Double Rectangle Dangle Earrings! These women’s large dangle earrings feature a bold geometric design with two stacked rectangles. A must-have for your spring collection to add a fun flair to your look! 

Fleur-de-Lis Solitaire Reversible Necklace

Dainty, delicate, and timeless, the Julie Vos Fleur-de-Lis Solitaire Reversible Necklace offers a versatile and elegant piece that’s designed to give your look a sophisticated finishing touch. This women’s designer necklace has a dainty chain with a small, round reversible pendant with a gemstone on one side and a fleur-de-lis design on the back, making it a versatile and chic necklace that can transition from one event to another easily. 

Catalina Gold Gem Earrings

Complete your spring look with the gorgeous Julie Vos Catalina Gold Gem Earrings! These women’s stud earrings have a stacked square design with a lightly hammered gold square post and a gemstone square with a rose-cut gemstone embedded inside. A lovely addition to your spring jewelry collection and available in various colors!

Medium Milano Bangle

Accessorize your spring look with the Julie Vos Medium Milano Bangle! This women’s stackable and dainty bangle bracelet features a slim, lightly hammered band with six stations with glittering gemstones or stunning mother of pearl pieces. Available in multiple styles and colors, you can purchase multiple bands to stack together or use separately whenever you need a quick way to level up your outfit! You can also pair with the Milano Luxe Medium Bangle.

Susan Shaw Large Silver Textured Chain Necklace

We love a good chunky chain necklace, and the Susan Shaw Large Silver Textured Chain Necklace is one of our favorite chunky statement necklaces for any occasion! This women’s silver chunky necklace features dual-layered chains with a textured surface for a unique flair. The design adds a lovely and trendy look to your spring attire. 

Monaco Gold Hinge Bangle

Go for a statement bracelet to make your spring look stand out with the Julie Vos Monaco Gold Hinge Bangle! This women’s gold bangle bracelet has a thicker, wider band compared to other bangles and has a hinge opening for easy on-and-off wear. With a lightly hammered surface texture, braided borders, and almond-shaped gemstone settings, this bracelet has an elevated style with detailed design that adds an eye-catching element to your spring attire. The interior of the bracelet features a honeycomb-like cut-out pattern that brings a unique flair to this women’s gold hinge bracelet. 

Savoy Bangle

If you need a simple, everyday jewelry piece that’s also elegant and elevated that you can wear any day, with any outfit, go for the Julie Vos Savoy Bangle. This simple, wide-width golden bangle bracelet features a lightly hammered design and daintily braided borders that add a hint of design and dimension to the band. No gemstones or pearls are embellished on the bracelet, giving it a minimalist look that’s easy to wear for day or evening. 

Connie Double Stack Earrings

Bring a statement piece to your spring attire and celebrate the spring season with the Susan Shaw Connie Double Stack Earrings! These statement double-stack earrings feature a floral design with a turquoise gemstone in the center for a timeless look. Named after the famous Texan cowgirl, Connie Reeves! You may also enjoy the Susan Shaw Connie Pearl Triple Stack Earrings variation of this earring. 

Coin Revolving Ring

Adorn your hand with the vintage-inspired and versatile Julie Vos Coin Revolving Ring! This women’s statement ring features one side with a mother of pearl inlay for a classic look, while the other side has a golden engraving of a knight for a unique design you can wear any day. 

Meridian Statement Necklace

Add the perfect finishing touch to your spring look with the Julie Vos Meridian Statement Necklace! This women’s designer chunky chain necklace features a large round pendant that has two sides: one side with a radiant mother of pearl and the other side with a compass-designed, medallion-style pendant, accented with gold detailing on the sides. The chain links and the toggle closure are lightly etched for extra textural design. 

Gingko Leaf Toggle Necklace

Whimsical and charming, the Susan Shaw Gingko Leaf Toggle Necklace offers a classic chunky gold chain necklace with a lightly etched texture and a lovely, intricately designed gingko leaf pendant with a toggle closure. You can pair this necklace with the Susan Shaw Baroque Pearl Ginkgo Earrings for a matching chinoiserie-inspired gingko jewelry set!


Round Criss-Cross Earrings 

Complete your spring outfit with the right jewelry pieces! The Susan Shaw Round Criss-Cross Earrings boast a unique dangling hoop style with a lattice design within each hoop. A great statement jewelry piece to have when you want to take your spring attire up a notch!

Bamboo Ginkgo Pearl Earrings

For an earthy and spring-tastic earring you can wear for any occasion, the Susan Shaw Bamboo Ginkgo Pearl Earrings is a lightweight dangling earring with a nod to vintage chinoiserie style. A realistically designed gingko leaf acts as the post of the earring, then connects with a bamboo shoot as the heart of this earring piece, which ends on a lovely cotton pearl charm. This earring set is a must-have for the spring and summer seasons! 

Jane Rectangle Toggle Necklace

Dedicated to the “Mother of Texas,” Jane Long, the Susan Shaw Jane Rectangle Toggle Necklace is a chunky statement necklace with a Southern charm! This chunky chain necklace boasts a golden, rectangular pendant with a sunburst-like blooming center that’s exquisite and one of a kind. A beautiful addition to your spring jewelry collection! 

Elevate Your Look and Add Functionality to Your Spring 2024 Wardrobe with Women’s Designer Purses, Handbags, Totes, and More!

This spring, go out in full style with functional, fashionable, and trendy handbags that you can wear for both daytime and evening! In this particular guide, we’re featuring women’s designer purses that are ideal for spring. We love a good handbag that’s also convertible and offers plenty of space (or even an extra bag inside!) that can hold more of our personal items, so we’re highlighting those in this guide. We hope you enjoy the bags we offer! Check out our complete Women’s Boutique Handbags and Purses Collection for more styles.

Joy Susan Shiloh Sling/Belt Bag

Get ready for music festivals, spring getaways, and any travels/on-the-go moves with the stylish Joy Susan Shiloh Sling/Belt Bag! This women’s versatile faux leather bag features an adjustable, convertible sling strap that can tighten around your waist to create a belt bag instead for hands-free carrying (and gives you that convenient fanny-pack style!). You can remove the strap and use another strap for a customized look. The inside of the bag is spacious and has a large zippered pocket for extra organization and storage space. 

If you love this bag, we also think you’ll enjoy the Rory Organizer Sling/Belt Bag!

Latico Janna Crossbody

Style your spring look with an edgy touch with the Latico Janna Crossbody! This women’s saddlebag crossbody purse features a studded design along the edge of the opening flap and has a slim, compact design that fits your most important everyday essentials. The bag opens up to reveal a 5-card slot organizer for wallet-free ease and can hold your keys, phone, makeup, and other items. With the adjustable, removable crossbody strap, you can adjust it to fit the bag around your waist for hands-free carrying—great to have for musical festivals and events! 


Remi and Reid Departure Perforated Squares Tote

If you’re traveling this spring season and want to take your personal style with you, too, make the Remi and Reid Departure Perforated Squares Tote a staple in your collection for carrying all your essentials! This women’s faux leather tote bag features a perforated main tote bag that’s perfect for the pool or beach and comes with a removable zippered pouch insert bag to organize and store your personal items. You can mix-and-match this tote bag and insert bag with other bags in your collection for your convenience. The smaller bag can be used with a shoulder or crossbody strap and turned into another handbag—a great way to travel in style and comfort!

Molly Slouchy Hobo Handbag

Enjoy the convenience of a 2-in-1 bag with the Joy Susan Molly Slouchy Hobo Handbag! This women’s designer faux leather handbag features a main slouchy hobo-style shoulder bag and a removable, convertible insert bag that can transform into its own shoulder/crossbody purse (adjustable, removable strap is included). The large slouchy hobo bag has a spacious interior for items like journals and books and can be used with the insert bag for organizational storage. Two open pockets and a zippered pocket are found in the insert bag while an open pocket is on the interior of the hobo bag. A great option for versatile bag style to adapt and transition to any event happening in your day! 


Royal Standard Starboard Cooler Tote

Functional and stylish, the Royal Standard Cooler Tote is the perfect go-to bag for your spring vacations or spring picnics! This women’s tote bag doubles as a cooler, constructed with an insulated interior to keep food and beverage fresh and cold. The bag is extra spacious and can be used for a weekender bag or a beach bag for towels, clothing, and more. Designed with an adjustable, removable shoulder strap and two sturdy handles with grip for your convenience!

Departure Striped Tote

Sporty-chic and functional, the Remi and Reid Departure Striped Tote gives you the tote bag you need to go out in style, whether you’re traveling or having a casual day. This women’s bag features a silkscreen stripe pattern that runs along the center of the tote for a trendy design. The bag comes with a removable insert bag (that has the striped pattern as well) that can be used as storage and organization with the tote (or another large handbag you have in your collection), or can be used separately as a shoulder/crossbody bag (strap included). Both the tote and the insert bag are constructed with faux leather material. 


Aria Ring Crossbody Clutch

Always have a chic and stylish accessory for any spring event with the Joy Susan Aria Ring Bag! This women’s faux leather designer clutch bag that can transition from shoulder bag to clutch easily with the included adjustable, removable shoulder/crossbody strap. The bag also features a large metallic ring accent for a trendy touch and doubles as a handle when you remove the shoulder strap—perfect for transitioning from daytime to evening. The interior of the bag has a tri-fold design with two open compartments and a zippered center pocket. A side zippered pocket is on the innermost compartment for extra storage and organization. Great to have in your spring wardrobe! 

Liana Crossbody Bag

Enjoy chic faux leather style with the Joy Susan Liana Crossbody Bag! This women’s crossbody bag features an adjustable strap that can convert to shoulder or crossbody style. The interior of the bag has enough space (about the size of a standard book) to store all your essentials for the day and includes two open pockets and one zippered pocket. The back of the bag also has an extra zippered pocket for your convenience. A lovely crossbody and shoulder purse to add to your collection for this spring season! 

Clear Tanya TopZip Crossbody

If you’re planning to attend festivals and events this spring, grab the Joy Susan Clear Tanya TopZip Crossbody to add to your collection for a convenient, yet stylish, purse you can bring into venues and stadiums! This clear crossbody bag for women is specifically designed for venues that require you to bring in a specific sized clear purse to carry your essentials. This clear bag features faux leather lining for added style and an adjustable strap for comfortable all-day or all-night wear. This bag will fit most stadium size requirements. You can also check out the Joy Susan Clear Rita Camera Bag for another clear bag style you may like!

Barcelona Backpack

Get ready for Spring Break travels and springtime getaways with the Latico Barcelona Backpack! This unisex leather travel backpack offers both style and functionality, and it’s one of our favorite ways to travel. Made from soft, yet durable, genuine leather material, this premium backpack levels up your on-the-go moves and travel adventures with its high-quality, conscious construction. The backpack has a large flap with a buckle closure that conceals a top-entry zippered opening, which leads into a spacious compartment with interior organizer pockets and a padded pocket for your laptop or tablet. Two zippered pockets are hidden underneath the top flap, giving you more storage space that’s also safe and secured.

Most Wanted Cow Print Cowhide Leather Wallet

Designed with a trendy and unique cow spot print and constructed with genuine cowhide leather material, the Most Wanted Cow Print Cowhide Leather Wallet offers a slim wallet option that’s ideal for traveling, heading to music festivals, and much more! When you need to travel light, but still want to have your own personal style, this slim wallet for women makes an excellent companion and can even attach to your keys. This wallet features a small zippered pocket where you can place your cards, cash, and more, and an exterior single card slot pocket.

Camryn Colorblock Wallet Crossbody

Enjoy the convenience of a wallet and crossbody bag all in one with the Joy Susan Camryn Colorblock Wallet Crossbody! Sleek and compact, this women’s wallet purse boasts a trendy colorblock design and has an extensive organizer on the inside to store all your cards, ID, cash, and more. This small crossbody bag features 10 credit card slots, a separate clear ID window, two zippered pockets (that can also fit your phone), and two slide billfold pockets. It’s the perfect bag when you want to travel light!

Latico Eloise Wallet

Doubling as a clutch bag, the Latico Eloise Wallet is a multi-functional, versatile large wallet for women with a sleek and minimalistic design. This wallet can hold cash, cards, and even your phone, and features 8 credit card slots, a zippered pockets in the center, and two open compartments to store receipts and more. The wallet closes with magnetic snap buttons. 

Kayleigh Side Pocket Bucket Bag

We love a stylish bucket bag that can hold all the things to make our everyday more organized! The Joy Susan Kayleigh Side Pocket Bucket Bag gives you two bags in one for convenient traveling. The main bucket bag is spacious and features two side pockets (big enough for a small water bottle) and interior pockets for easy storage and organization. You also receive a removable insert bag that converts into its own shoulder/crossbody bag (strap included!). Both bags are constructed with faux leather material that’s durable, soft, and long-lasting. 

Cinda B. Medium Cosmetic Bag 

If you’re planning to travel this spring, keep your travel bags spring-styled, too! The Cinda B. Medium Cosmetic Bag is available in charming, stylish designs and patterns that can match the spring season and give your travel bag collection extra character. This makeup travel bag is cleverly designed with a flat bottom to keep the bag upright for easy use. The interior of the bag is spacious enough to hold your makeup or skincare essentials.

Piel Leather Deluxe Top Frame Traveling Kit

With a trendy minimalistic style, the Piel Leather Deluxe Top Frame Traveling Kit is just what you need to keep all your skincare or cosmetic essentials in one place while also providing a sleek, stylish way to travel! This unisex leather traveling kit bag features a wide opening for easy storing and removal while also giving you a wider visual of what’s inside. The design is simple and trendy, and still provides plenty of storage space.

Add a Spring In Your Step with Stunning and Stylish Women’s Boutique Designer Shoes!

Don’t forget to include boutique designer shoes to your spring wardrobe to mix and match with your outfits this season! From strappy sandals to chunky heeled shoes, we have a wide range of spring-tastic shoes you can wear with your spring outfits. Explore our full Women’s Boutique Shoe Collection for more shoe styles you can add to your wardrobe year-round.

Dolce Vita Shiren Boots

Since the spring season is a music festival haven, these stunning Dolce Vita Shiren Boots are just what you need to amp up your music festival style and bring a country-chic flair to your look! These women’s leather Western boots are knee-high and constructed with buttery soft and durable genuine leather material that’s designed to last many music festivals. The chunky low heel is made with stacked wooden planks to give you extra height and stability. These boots are designed with an intricate embroidered pattern and an inner zipper closure for secure fitting.

Naked Feet Iconoclast Ankle Strap Sandal

Complete your spring outfit with the chic and stylish Naked Feet Iconoclast Ankle Strap Sandal! These women’s spring sandals have a chunky heel for extra fashionable design that also provides more stability and comfort when walking. The leather sandals have an adjustable Velcro ankle strap and a front strap for a trendy design.

Naked Feet Estonia Heeled Clogs

Make the Naked Feet Estonia Heeled Clogs a staple in your shoe collection this spring! With a timeless and retro-style Mary Jane shoe design, these women’s clogs feature a velvety suede (faux leather) material that gives them a sophisticated look. Made with a chunky platform heel and a rounded closed-toe, these Mary Jane heels take your spring attire to the next level and feature a classic single buckle strap closure. 

Ashby Heels

Pair your best spring dresses with the trendy and stylish Dolce Vita Ashby Heels! With a chunky heel, these women’s open-back, slip-on heeled sandals give you an effortlessly chic look that elevates your entire look. These strappy heeled sandals for women have two wide braided straps that give the sandals more dimension and design that’s feminine and timeless.

If you love the Ashby Heels, you’ll love the Dolce Vita Paily Braided Slide Sandals, too! Add both to your spring shoe collection for interchangeable shoe styles. 

Dolce Vita Grazie Slide Sandals

Always have stylish slip-on sandals you can wear effortlessly wherever you go with the Dolce Vita Grazie Slide Sandals! These women’s designer leather slide sandals are just what you need to maintain your personal elevated style in a casual-chic way that can also match your spring attire. The sandals feature a bloom algae footbed for antibacterial properties that’s also comfortable and sturdy for stable all-day support. For decorative and dynamic design, the wide foot band of the sandal features a woven pattern and texture.

OTBT Cameo Platform Sandals

Enjoy ultimate comfort and support as you rock your spring outfits and go about your day with the OTBT Cameo Platform Sandals! These women’s platform sandals feature a chunky sole that offers stability and comfort as well as shock absorption and easy all-day wear. For secure and adjustable fitting, these sandals have two wide adjustable straps: one strap is Velcro and the other is a buckle strap.

Pelle Moda Osment 2 Metallic Suede Heel

Sleek, shimmering, and silvery, the Pelle Moda Osment 2 Metallic Suede Heel is just what you need to take an evening or date night look to a whole new level of simple, sensual style. These women’s 3-inch strappy heels feature a silver metallic color with an open-toe design and a back strap with an adjustable buckle closure. The straps are decorated with sparkling rhinestones to add a subtle glam to these heels. 

If you like this Pelle Moda style, check out the Pelle Moda Francis 2 Low Heeled Thong Toe Sandal for an alternative spring shoe that you can wear for any occasion. 

42 Gold Leven Leather Sandal

Add the perfectly chic finishing touch with the 42 Gold Leven Leather Sandal! These women’s open-toe, open-back sandals feature wide bands that secure your foot. Each band has its own look: the front band has a twist while the back band has an overlap design. Sleek and stylish, these women’s leather heeled sandals are a fashion-forward way to slip on extra modern spring style. 

Rafee Kid Suede Pumps

Go for that timeless feminine look this spring season with the 42 Gold Rafee Kid Suede Pumps! These women’s heeled pumps feature a genuine leather suede material, giving the heels an elegant feel and unique texture. Lovely to wear with your favorite spring outfits or dresses for an elevated and graceful look! 

Dolce Vita Indy Sandals

Walk around in spring style with the Dolce Vita Indy Sandals! These women’s strappy slip-on sandals have two thick and wide braided bands and a small stacked wooden heel for added elevation and stable support. Great to wear with any spring outfit!

Naked Feet ISO Platform Sandal

Elevate your spring or summer look with the Naked Feet ISO Platform Sandal! This women’s designer leather sandal features a chunky sole and a decorative chain accent piece on the wide band of the sandal. With easy slip-on wear and intentional support, these women’s leather sandals offer all-day comfort and style and make a great addition to your spring shoe collection.

OTBT Free Sneaker

Move about your day comfortably and fashionably with the OTBT Free Sneaker! These women’s colorful designer sneakers offer both athletic functionality and maximum all-day comfort and support. With pops of vivid, vibrant colors all around, these sneakers have a modern style that’s fun and fashionable. A great on-the-go pair of shoes to include in your collection!

BONUS: Spring Gifts to Give to Yourself and Loved Ones

Since we have some extra room here in this guide, we thought we would share some other springtime items you might be interested in having in your home or sharing the joy with others! Here are a few spring gift ideas for you to wrap up this guide: 

Royal Standard Beach Towel

Get ready for your next beach getaway with the Royal Standard Beach Towel! This women’s microfiber beach towel is highly absorbent and quick-drying, so you never have to worry about carrying heavy, water-soaked towels to the pool or beach again. With its extra large size and length, this oversized towel provides plenty of coverage, whether you’re just getting out of the water or laying down for some sun! It can also fold down to a quarter size of a traditional terry cloth towel, which helps with saving space and weight in your travel bag. Comes in many different designs and makes a great gift for friends!

Thymes Fresh Cut Basil Petite Reed Diffuser

Freshen up your space with the Thymes Fresh Cut Basil Petite Reed Diffuser! This flame-free, no-spray home fragrance offers a more natural way to make your home smell like a fresh spring garden. This petite reed diffuser is ideal for smaller rooms and adds to your home décor with its elegant design. The kit includes Fresh Cut Basil essential oil, a glass container, and natural wood reeds to help soak up the essential oil, which will help the scent permeate throughout your space. You can also find lemon and orange scents here - perfect for spring! 

Thymes Hand Wash

Great to add to your guest bathroom or personal bathroom, the Thymes Hand Wash gives you fresh scents, hydration, and cleansing properties. Swap out winter scents for revitalizing spring scents and keep your hands clean and moisturized with Thymes Hand Wash!

Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Throw Blanket

When you want to snuggle up on the couch with your favorite guilty pleasures, the Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Throw Blanket is an ultra-plush and cozy throw blanket that’s light and wonderful to have during the springtime. It comes wrapped in a bow, which makes it perfect for gifts, and is available in various colors that can match your home décor. The ribbed borders add extra dimension and texture to the blanket.

PJ Harlow Dreamer Pillow Case (Set of 2)

Sleep like you’re on a cloud every night with the PJ Harlow Dreamer Pillow Cases! This set of silky soft satin pillow cases are made of high-quality material that’s gentle on your skin and offer a natural cooling effect that’s perfect for the warmer evenings. A must-have in your bedroom and a great gift to give! Available in various colors. King size here.

We hope you enjoyed the Best Boutique Jewelry and Handbag Guide for Women - Spring 2024 Guide and found great pieces to add to your spring wardrobe this season. We're always adding new items to our boutique store, so please come back to visit or visit us in person in our Indianola, MS, store! 

~ Abraham's


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